Sunday, June 26, 2016

Overtime, It's a Killer

What is the worse addiction in the United States? Being a workaholic.

Why? Because money makes the world go round. Work distracts us from the reality in which we live in. It gets us the drugs, the booze, the sex, the status. In today’s money driven economy the hunger to succeed is an addiction.

The boss offers you to work overtime. Of course you take it because you have to. You have no other choice. You have bills to pay. I remember working 40 hours or more of overtime as an emergency dispatcher. No wonder I lost my mind.

To this day I have a hard time stopping to smell the roses. I will sit in front of my laptop, writing, networking, and doing whatever it takes to build my author platform. I forget to eat. If it weren’t for my kids and my dog I wouldn’t leave my seat. Authors speak about keeping their butt in chair. I need to work on getting my butt out off my chair.

I don’t have any other addictions. I don’t drink alcohol because of all the prescription medications I am on. I don’t do illegal drugs. As for sex, well, I am happily married.

Every day I tell myself I need to stop. I need to relax. That it is okay to walk away. That I do not need to check Facebook every five minutes. That I can get lunch even if I haven’t written a thousand words, yet. Food is fuel.

Do I listen?


But I’m working on me.

What is your “addiction”? Feel free to leave a comment. As you are now aware, I’ll watch this post like a hawk. 


  1. Thank you for sharing and updating!

    By the way, I found a good site, welcomed the games with

    1. You're welcome. Gaming is a great way to unwind. I love blowing stuff up, puzzle games, and even games that don't require technology like LARPing. Live Action Role Play. Yeah, I'm a geek and proud of it. lol


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